Opposition Party Calls on Gov’t to Reduce Gas Taxes

Opposition Spokesman on Energy, Phillip Paulwell is calling on the Andrew Holness administration to act now to stem rising fuel costs as the Jamaican dollar hit historic lows, further impacting fuel and related costs in the midst of the prevailing pandemic. Gas prices have soared and are projected to hit new records as the dollar continues to devalue against the greenback. 

Despite early signs of a return to normality with easing restrictions, another blow has been dealt with the historic slip of the Jamaican dollar.

Opposition spokesman on Energy Phillip Paulwell says the Jamaican people are nearing their breaking point.

Among the solutions proposed is to use the untouched hedge since 2016 to stabilize rising fuel costs. Paulwell says there is also a pile-up of taxes that should be considered to help ease the plight of the people.

“The price of gas affects everything you do” – Paulwell.