Opposition Leader Not Amused by PM’s Refusal of Salary Increase

The People’s National Party, PNP, is chiding the government for what it considers a disingenuous move by the Prime Minister to refuse the salary he along with his cabinet ministers allegedly initially approved without the Opposition’s input. 

Buckling under the weight of varying reactions to a significant salary hike for politicians, Prime Minister Andrew Holness has instructed the Transformation Implementation Unit to remove his compensation from the new salary scale. This means, his salary will remain at its previous level, at $9.1 million dollars annually. 

In a release, the Opposition is however describing the Prime Minister’s response as insincere and contrived. The party seeks to ascertain under whose authority is the Prime Minister able to mandate the removal of his own salary. They pose the question, were the salary increases announced by the Minister of Finance not a cabinet decision?

The release further describes the Prime Minister’s utterances as disingenuous, explaining the public was told by the information minister that the increase was already been implemented administratively since May 15, 2023.  On Tuesday, CVM LIVE caught up with the Opposition Leader who reiterated the sentiments expressed in the release. Watch the report:

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