Opposition Leader for Health Sector Collaboration

Opposition Leader Mark Golding is calling on the Andrew Holness-led government to collaborate on resolving the COVID-19 challenges in the health sector. His appeal comes as Jamaica’s health sector continues to buckle under the pressure of rising COVID-19 hospitalizations and related stress.

The Opposition Leader laments the shortage of oxygen that hospitals island-wide face during the third wave of the coronavirus, COVID-19. He mentioned an emergency call from the People’s National Party (PNP) spokesman on health and wellness, Dr. Morais Guy, which request the use a diplomatic channel to seek assistance from international partners to import supplies of oxygen as the existing arrangements are insufficient.

Strengtheing the call, Golding is urging the government to immediately reach out to Jamaica’s neighbours, United States and Canada, for emergency supplies of oxygen to be airlifted to the island to alleviate the critical shortage affecting the hospital system.

Golding is imploring Jamaicans to take the vaccine in order to prolong life.

Health Sector Collaboration- more details in this report: