Leader of the Opposition, Mark Golding reiterates that although no New taxes have been introduced by the Andrew Holness-led administration, the Government has collected More taxes since taking the reigns in 2016.

Leader of the Opposition, Mark Golding noted that an increase in the income tax threshold to $2 million,
would give persons an additional $125,000 per year ($10,400 per month) in their take-home pay. He proposed that the $11.4 billion being used for the reverse tax credit should be used to fund a higher income tax threshold instead.

Leader of the Opposition, Mark Golding says based on his research, the World Trade Organization (WTO) does not blacklist or unilaterally punish member states for non-compliance. He’s calling on the Finance Minister to disclose ‘whose bidding’ he’s fulfilling with his decision to remove GCT on imported foodstuff since local farmers will be “very exposed” by this measure.

More details to come in the upcoming Newscast on CVM TV.