Opposition: Jamaica’s Public Transport System at Its Lowest 

The Opposition is calling on the government to create solutions for the public transport system. While reflecting on the government’s recent move to contemplate a fare increase for the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC), Opposition Spokesman on Transport Mikael Phillips is calling on the government to revitalize the train system as the public transport system is at its lowest. While reflecting on the poor level of Jamaica’s public transit systems, Opposition Spokesman on Transport, Mikael Phillips called for Prime Minister Andrew Holness’ intervention to create workable solutions 

This comes after Minister of Transport And Mining, Audley Shaw  recently called for a fare increase  for the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) buses 

He further appealed for a comprehensive public transport policy for the country to remedy the many burdens of commuters and transport operators while noting the many losses at the state-run bus agency.

Reporter: Nicola Brown

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