Opposition Gives Government an ‘F’ For Crime Management

Opposition Gives Government an ‘F’ – A pall of gloom, hangs over the Havannah Heights community in Clarendon, following a quadruple murder early Monday morning. The police have stepped up their presence in the community which has experienced an increase in violence recently.

One child has been left an orphan with other children having one less parent as a result of the quadruple murder in Havanah Heights in Clarendon on Sunday. Leader of the opposition Mark Golding along with members of the Peoples National Party (PNP) visited the family on Sunday to express condolences and highlight the areas the government is lacking in curtailing crime.

Peter Bunting, Opposition Spokesperson for National Security says between 6 am Friday to 6 am Saturday there have been twelve murders. Bunting says during the first administrative year of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) he would grade them an “F” in their management of crime and violence owing to the fact he said that murders have increased by 10% and also the increase in shootings.

Additionally, the opposition leader says he would hope the government leader sheds his alias as he believes this promotes the culture of violence and sends the public mixed signals.

PNP representative for southeast Clarendon Luthan Cousins says Bunting’s administration succeeded in curtailing crime due to community policing, a strategy he believes the emphasis should be placed on.