Opposition Disgruntled About Postponement of Local Gov. Election

Members of the Opposition did not hesitate to file their disagreement, after Local Government Minister, Desmond McKenzie, on Tuesday announced that the Local Government Election will be held in 2024.

The Opposition is describing the decision as a slap in the face to the Jamaican people. Standing in opposition to the decision to postpone the Local Government Election until February 2024, Julian Robinson Opposition Spokesman on Finance is calling on the government to respect the people’s democratic rights.

Robinson says he is in full disagreement with the economic reasons on which the motion was tabled, as it is the government’s responsibility to budget for an election whether in stormy or sunny weather. The Opposition says this postponement is seen as a betrayal and Local Government Election is being treated like a “bastard child.”

Both parties had previously agreed to a fixed Local Government Election. The decision to now hold local government elections on February 28 2024 was announced on Tuesday by Local Government Minister Desmond McKenzie. 

Reporter: Kimberly Henry

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