Demanding Transparency: Opposition Calls for Updates on Stocks and Securities Fraud Investigation – In a bid to maintain Jamaica’s reputation and bolster trust in the judicial system, Julian Robinson, the Opposition Spokesman on Finance, is stepping forward to demand a comprehensive update on the ongoing fraud investigation surrounding Stocks and Securities Limited, SSL. The shockwaves caused by the massive fraud scandal, which sent ripples throughout the country just a few months ago, have prompted Robinson to call for transparency and accountability to uphold the nation’s brand.

Robinson’s firm stance on the matter was voiced during an interview with CVM Live on Monday. As the initial fervor around the investigation appears to have dwindled, he is reminding authorities that the public’s interest in this case has not waned. With concerns mounting and a growing sense of unease among investors and the general population, Robinson believes that the time has come for meaningful updates on the progress of the investigation. The dramatic events that unfolded earlier this year shook the foundations of trust in financial institutions. Watch the report:

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