Opposition Finance Spokesman Julian Robinson Demands Complete Transparency Regarding the SSL Situation – In the wake of the Finance Minister’s recent revelation that the government will no longer be utilizing taxpayers’ funds to sustain the beleaguered private firm SSL (Secure Solutions Limited), Julian Robinson, the Opposition’s spokesman on finance, has called for an unequivocal commitment to transparency regarding the SSL saga. Since the Finance Minister’s announcement on Tuesday that the government of Jamaica would cease its financial support for SSL, Robinson has underscored that while this news is a welcome relief for taxpayers, significant unanswered questions remain.

Robinson has emphasized the need for full disclosure regarding the expenditures incurred thus far in the investigation into SSL’s operations and whether the government will be reimbursed for these costs. Regarding the unexpected receipt of one million U.S. dollars from SSL’s insurer in England, Minister of Finance Dr. Clarke confirmed this development through a press release. However, Robinson has expressed surprise at this development and believes that complete transparency is essential to comprehend the intricacies of the SSL situation. Watch the report:

Reporter: Kimberly Henry