Opp: Gov’t Must Empower Jamaica’s Farmers

The opposition is calling on the government to cushion the challenges faced by Jamaican farmers, to ensure food security. Opposition Leader Mark Golding says the agriculture sector has been neglected far too long, insisting more should be done. Farmer’s empowerment is what members of the opposition are demanding for Jamaican farmers to mitigate challenges faced, making it difficult to produce.

Opposition leader Golding, says agriculture is fundamental to Jamaica’s future. However, he says the sector has not been treated as a priority by successive governments for many years. Member of Parliament, Julian Robinson, is calling on the government to revise the farm produce act, increasing fines for praedial larceny from two hundred and fifty thousand dollars to five million dollars.

He insists farmers’ livelihood must be protected. Meanwhile, Robinson says the issue of input has proved challenging for farmers, where the cost of fertilizers have increased resulting in less production.

He went further, stating that small farmers should get easier access to capital.

Reporter: Justin Graham