PEP Academy Adds to Online Schooling Solutions

Online PEP Academy adds to online schooling solutions for Jamaica – The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed serious cracks in the education system. Some of which the Ministry has pledged to fix leading up to the reopening of school. Problems with students & teachers being able to access to the internet and (or) a data connection highlight the digital divide across the island.

With this in mind, parents have expressed uncertainty about sending their children back to the physical school environment, despite beginning back-to-school preparations. A concern that not all parents share but it highlights the difficulty many are facing. It is for this reason that companies such as EduFocal have taken note of the situation and launched a PEP Academy to support online learning during the pandemic.

“We take a holistic method to educate our students, our teaching methods, our additional support, resources, and technology-powered classroom are designed to increase every child’s competence and confidence to ensure their academic success,” said Chief Executive Officer, Gordon Swaby at the launch of the programme.

While initiatives like this are welcomed by many, Jamaica’s state of education in the upcoming weeks will depend on the Ministry’s plans for the reopening of schools. Sanitization processes have been carried out and there are clear guidelines on how schools will operate, but the question remains; will it be sufficient for parents to feel comfortable enough to send their children back to school?

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