Chief Justice Bryan Sykes on Monday, October 3, delivered a substantial prison sentence to convicted One Don gang leader Andre Blackman Bryan, amounting to nearly 40 years behind bars for his integral role within the criminal organization. It’s important to note that this sentence was reduced slightly due to his approximately 5 and a half years spent in custody prior to the official sentencing.

The trial initially involved 33 individuals, but that number dwindled to fewer than half as Andre Blackman Bryan and his 14 co-accused awaited their sentencing this Monday. Blackman Bryan, who confessed to issuing orders within the gang, faced the most severe penalties under the new Anti-Gang Law, which defines a gang as three or more active members joined for criminal purposes. Chief Justice Bryan Sykes informed the court that there was no punishment other than imprisonment suitable for the gravity of the charges and actions committed by the gang members. He underscored that their reign of terror might have persisted had they not been apprehended. In his opening remarks, the Chief Justice recounted how the accused had left behind a trail marked by bloodshed, extreme violence, and no sign of reform.

He then listed several charges, including being the leader of a gang (Count 1), and charges connected to the Fisheries murder case (Counts 7 and 8), in which two individuals lost their lives, and their dwelling was set ablaze. Count 11 pertained to facilitating a conspiracy to murder a man known as Outlaw, among numerous other offenses.

With a starting point of 27 years, Chief Justice Sykes noted that five individuals had lost their lives, prompting him to order consecutive sentences to accurately reflect the extent of criminality. Consequently, Andre Blackman Bryan was handed a prison sentence of 39 and a half years. The Chief Justice provided reasoning for his decision, emphasizing the severity of the crimes and the need for appropriate consequences.

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