NWC Workers Strike Impact Customers

National Water Commission (NWC) workers banded together to strike against alleged unfair treatment at the hands of their employer on Tuesday morning. The island-wide protests were targeted at the Minister of Finance’s compensation package, as workers demanded a reclassification of their services.

The workers fear being left out of the Minister of Finance’s compensation package for public sector workers. CVM LIVE understands that workers began protesting at several NWC locations across the island. Deputy Chief Delegator of the National Workers Union, Rohan Simmons says the NWC workers feel disrespected, and they hope the government can come to a favorable agreement with them soon.

Meanwhile, NWC workers in St James are equally dissatisfied with the government’s actions. Chief Union delegate of the National Workers Union, Winston Anderson, says he is demanding action from the government. Some customers across the island experienced disruptions to their water supply during the protest. More details in the report:

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