The North Odeon Avenue Seweris said to have faced issues with leaks and a collapsed in previous times. In response to recent complaints, the National Water Commission (NWC) is taking action, arranging for a contractor to replace 130 meters of the sewer line with a 250mm Sewer PVC Pipe. The Commission explaind the emergency repair involves four laterals at a depth of around 2.5 meters.

Read the release:

The North Odeon Avenue Sewer is a 250mm pipe along which traverses along North Odeon Avenue adjacent to the Transport Centre in Half Way Tree (HWT). This a relatively short sewer transports sewer from Constant Spring Road to Eastwood Park Road

The NWC, in responding to a report of leaks along the network- has noted that a section of the line has collapsed. Following further assessment, the Company has commenced emergency procedures to secure the services of a suitable contractor who will carry out the replacement works.

A total of 130 metres of this main will be replaced with 250mm Sewer PVC Pipe at a depth of approximately 2.5m with approximately 4 laterals.

The work is being treated with extreme urgency, and for the NWC is actively monitoring the bus terminal and other spaces in the immediate surroundings. As necessary, the cesspool emptier services and relevant clean-up will be undertaken in any space where needed.

Given the typical congestion of the space, much of the work will be timed for periods that are less busy – to allow for ease of access and the necessary backfilling and road reinstatement.