The National Water Commission (NWC) has disclosed plans to temporarily suspend water supply in selected areas of St. Catherine and St. Andrew to facilitate an imminent rehabilitation project. The NWC asserts that the upgrades aim to enhance overall water management and ensure a surplus for residents. Starting from Tuesday, January 16, to Tuesday, February 6, the NWC will conduct rehabilitation work at its Bybrook facility in St. Catherine. Affected regions will include sections of both St. Catherine and St. Andrew.

During this period, water availability will be impacted, with reduced frequency compared to the regular schedule and instances of low pressure, according to Acting Public Relations Manager Delano Williams. Despite the announcement, some NWC customers have expressed dissatisfaction on social media, citing poor communication, subpar customer service, and a perceived lack of visible improvement despite previous repairs. In response, the NWC emphasizes that the disruption coincides with a surplus extraction phase while the well undergoes cleaning. Williams underscores the importance of cleaning the well to extract the officially licensed amount of water. The NWC urges the public’s cooperation during this period.


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