Water Restrictions Lifted For Some Communities

The National Water Commission, NWC, is lifting water restrictions in sections of the Corporate Area amid recent heavy rains.

The NWC says other storage facilities are not at sufficient  levels to allow the Commission to ease ongoing restrictions.

After a prolonged dry spell and extended periods of restriction, the Commission says areas that depend on the Constant Spring Treatment Plant are no longer under a ban.

Corporate Public Relations Manager at the National Water Commission, Andrew Cannon, says frequent afternoon showers are responsible for the increased in-flows at the dam.

However, all other water restrictions remain in effect.

The Mona Reservoir, for example, is at  45% of its capacity and so persons being served from that water facility will continue to experience restrictions.

He says data for rural Jamaica’s storage facilities is not readily available, but matters of turbidity caused by heavy rains have been reported in Clarendon and Manchester. 

But as restrictions are lifted  in the Constant Spring and surrounding areas, Cannon is advising persons that considering the realities of the coronavirus pandemic, they should still aim to practice good water conservation measures.

CVM LIVE’s Christeen Forbes reports: