The National Water Commission (NWC) is moving with haste to engage a competent contractor to urgently replace a section of the sanitary sewers that is situated along North Odeon Avenue in Half Way Tree, St. Andrew.

The emergency work has become necessary as a section of the aged 250mm diameter asbestos cement sewers in the area has apparently collapsed, resulting in sewer blockages and instances of overflowing sewage from several manholes in the area.

A wastewater engineering report on the problem has identified the need for replacement of the section of sewers and the NWC will also extend the new mains further unto Eastwood Park Road to reduce the risk of future challenges once used properly.

This work is being authorised to be executed using the Government of Jamaica emergency procurement procedures and is expected to commence immediately with the mobilization to site of the qualified contractors.

The NWC is noting that the matter is being treated with extreme urgency, and for the interim its teams are actively monitoring the bus terminal and other spaces within the immediate surroundings. As necessary, the cesspool emptier services and relevant clean-up activities will be undertaken in any space where needed.

Given the typical congestion of the space, much of the work will be timed for periods that are less busy – to allow for ease of access and the necessary backfilling and road reinstatement.

The NWC is estimating the works will take approximately 1-2 weeks to complete from the commencement of works.