The two-day strike by the National Water Commission (NWC) workers, is being described in some quarters as unconscionable, as the industrial action severely hampered production. The legitimacy of the strike is now being called into question, as it is being reported it was in effect, an illegal strike based on public sector guidelines regarding essential workers. 

Since the ending of the strike by NWC workers requesting a reclassification of their services, concerns have surfaced surrounding the legality of their protests. As essential workers, they are expected to provide notice three days, 72 hours prior to the strike. The labor relations act also

Requires the dispute to be reported to the minister of labor, and grants him ten days to settle the matter.  Having failed that, the worker’s action is being deemed unlawful. President of the Jamaica Confederation of Trade Unions, Helene Davis Whyte, says feelings of frustration because of the delays from the government lead to the workers’ hasty actions. 

When CVM LIVE spoke with members of the public, they said they are looking forward to things going back to normal, and the workers getting what they are owed. Watch the full report: