The National Works Agency (NWA) continues road-clearing efforts after Monday’s 5.2 magnitude earthquake. Read the release below:

The National Works Agency (NWA) is advising that its cleaning and clearing activities continue in light of Monday’s earthquake and subsequent rainfall in the parishes of St. Andrew and St. Thomas.

Manager, of Communication and Customer Services at the NWA, Stephen Shaw says that three corridors are impassable at this time. These are the road from Papine to Bull Bay, which is being impacted by large boulders; the stretch from Papine to Redlight and Hordley Crossing, St. Thomas. The Hollywell road is being blocked by a massive landslide, while Hordley Crossing is now flooded.

Mr. Shaw says that the NWA is now seeking to get special equipment for both blocked sections of the roads in St. Andrew and advises that the effort to reopen these corridors will take some time. The Hollywell road is narrow in sections and has a number of difficult corners to navigate.

The NWA is also continuing its efforts along the Mahogany Vale to Hagley Gap corridor as well as the road from Bethel to Richmond Gap in St. Thomas. These corridors have, since the start of the week, been impacted by fallen rocks and landslides. The roads have been blocked and cleared on multiple occasions.

Mr. Shaw is advising motorists using corridors in Eastern Jamaica to exercise extreme caution, especially along those roads that are susceptible to flooding, landslides and rock falls. The parishes of St. Andrew, St. Thomas and Portland have been experiencing increased levels of rainfall that could lead to challenges along some corridors.