Nursing Homes Warned By The Ministry Of Health

Operators of Nursing Homes across the island are being warned by the Ministry of Health and Wellness to implement adequate COVID-19 measures or they will be closed down.

This comes in light of an increase in positive cases at the state-run Golden Age Home in Vineyard Town.

Twenty-six new COVID-19 cases were recorded at the home, adding to the initial cluster of 43.

Hence, there are now 69 positive cases at the facility. Nineteen of this number are staff members, While, 40 are residents and 10 are to be determined.

In addition, an assessment is now being carried out.

Also, with the Waterford Community in Portmore, St. Catherine under a special area curfew, the Ministry of Health and Wellness used the opportunity to carry out testing at Nursing Homes within the area.

The Minister says, “ [in] Waterford, Bridgeport, Independent City and Gregory Park, a total of 39 staff and a 187 residents were tested with results received thus far being negative. All except one was passed as satisfactory by the Public Health Inspectorate.”

Having the authority to shut these facilities down, Dr. Tufton also issued a stern warning.

“Please follow the protocol, put the systems in place because you’re putting your livelihood as private operators and the lives of residents and your staff at risk by ignoring those very important protocols. We will shut you down if we think you arre ignoring putting those protocols, those measures in place,” he said.