In the aftermath of the holiday season, St. James has experienced a concerning uptick in road accidents, with multiple incidents reported on the day following Christmas and throughout Wednesday. Despite the National Road Safety Council asserting a clean record on Christmas Day, the subsequent days have witnessed a series of tragedies in various parts of St. James. Even with continuous advisories from the police urging motorists to exercise caution, the recurrence of such incidents remains unabated.

The most recent mishap unfolded on Wednesday evening at approximately 7:30 pm in the vicinity of Harmony Beach Park. In this incident, a Public Passenger Vehicle (PPV) transporting seven passengers was struck by another vehicle. The PPV driver alleges that the other motorist was at fault and attempted to flee the scene. However, the attempt proved futile, and the individual was apprehended shortly after. This event is one among several others that have marred the parish in recent days. Three additional incidents occurred within a day, one reported at the scene, another earlier on Wednesday morning, and one the previous Tuesday evening. The last two incidents took place near Herbert Morrison Technical High School. In one tragic incident, an employee of the National Water Commission (NWC) lost his life, and his daughter sustained severe injuries after a vehicle collided with their motorcycle.

Superintendent Eron Samuels, Operations Officer for the St. James Police, expressed deep concern over the escalating number of collisions. He implores motorists to exercise heightened caution during the festive period, emphasizing that despite an overall reduction in road fatalities, collisions have surged compared to the 2022 Yuletide season. The incidents have raised alarms within the community, highlighting the critical need for increased road vigilance. The police continue to investigate these accidents, and authorities are working to implement measures aimed at curbing the escalating trend of collisions in St. James.

Reporter: Trisha-Gaye Kelly

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