NSWMA Urges Citizen Responsibility for Garbage Disposal

NSWMA Urges Citizen Responsibility after Reports of Mini-Dumps pile up – The National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) is urging citizens to practice personal responsibility after reports of several mini-dumps created across the corporate area. On Waltham Park Road and collie smith drive in St. Andrew, residents have resorted to dumping their garbage on the streets.

The bins are empty yet garbage lines Collie Smith Drive in St. Andrew, from domestic garbage to household appliances and debris from the recent rainfall; according to residents, the National Solid Waste Management Agency collects garbage twice weekly and when they leave, residents resort to dumping the garbage there again.

The area is now breeding rodents which residents argue has become a nuisance. Dogs unravel the garbage, cats and other animals come here. Not too far away is a police checkpoint and several food shops. 

And along Waltham Park Road, it was the same unsightly scene.

Executive director of the NSMWA, Audley Gordon explains that the NSWMA is behind on garbage collection due to the rains however, he is calling for more personal responsibility from citizens

As for the bulky garbage, he says in anticipation of the Christmas cleaning, there will be the annual pick up of bulky garbage.