CEO of the National Parenting Support Commission (NPSC), Kaysia Kerr is reminding students to be careful now that they venture into virtual learning.

Identity theft, hacking, distribution of child pornography and  bullying are only a few of the long list of cyber crimes. As more young people venture into online spaces for internet classes and seminars their vulnerability to online predators has increased.

Kerr says these predators seek to find the children who are most vulnerable.  She says children should be careful  how they share their personal information especially those who have access to their parents banking information and should be made aware of the presence of online predators.

As a means to counteract the threat, the CEO says the Ministry of Education have created a bubble of special domains which only allows the respective teachers to start a new meeting for online classes. Kerr is reminding students to use these domains when they need to interact with teaching and learning.

She also says children should report any message that makes them uncomfortable or threatened to their parents and teachers.

CVM LIVE‘s Paige Dixon reports: