North East St Ann Residents Blocked Roads in Protest

Following a day of fiery protests calling for the removal of northeast St Ann Member of Parliament, Marsha Smith, residents blocked sections of the priory town main road this morning. 

Refusing to speak on camera, angry residents lit up the streets with debris including flaming tires insisting the time for talk is over. Their one demand, the immediate removal of their member of parliament, the JLP’s Marsha Smith. Smith a first-time MP is accused of not hearing the cries for help and support, from the people who voted her into office. Their act of protest sparked police intervention who as early as 4 am when the blockade was imposed came out to ensure law and order were maintained.

After clearing the debris and putting out the flames the police reportedly maintained a heightened presence in the area. Efforts to get a comment from the related councillors and party supporters proved futile with one councillor advising our correspondent the people are tired of talking. CVM LIVE understands there’s still no sign of the MP in the community since Tuesday’s protest.

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