“No Road, No Vote” – Drewsland Residents

Residents of Drewsland in the St. Andrew West Central Constituency are making their demands ahead of general elections. According to them, the state of roads are in a deplorable condition and their Member of Parliament, Prime Minister Andrew Holness has been neglecting the area.

“No road, No road, no parish council,” is the cry of one elderly resident in the community echoing the call of many others in the community.

At the center of their concern is the state of the roads which they are demanding to be fixed. A section of the roadway near the Sandy Gully was reportedly under construction to make way for sewer pipes over two years ago by Surrey Paving under the Government. However, residents say no one has restored the roads, according to residents.

CVM LIVE Reached out to surrey paving about the sewer pipes that were previously laid. We were however advised that the project manager was not in office. Residents are, however, still waiting for their Member of Parliament, Prime Minister Andrew Holness to address the issue. They say, if he fails to meet their demands, they will not be voting in the next General Election.