No More Child Seat for Public Transportation System  

Taxi operators and commuters in the corporate area are lauding the government’s effort to review the child seat law. This comes after several backlashes by the public following the child restraint system in all motor vehicles.

Minister of Transport & Mining Audley Shaw notes children should be restrained in motor vehicles based on their age, size, and weight. However, he says the safety of children should be prioritized noting a child should use a lap belt once available. When CVM LIVE visited the corporate area on Wednesday scores of motorists say they appreciate the government’s decision to abandon the child seat requirement for children up to 12 years old using public transportation however there is a need for more consideration of the road traffic act 

As the country continues to grapple with the disruption in public transportation, which has entered its 3rd day, another operator says the government should pull down the curtains on several legislations that define the new road traffic act and meet with the public transport operators. Watch the report:

Reporter: Nicola Brown

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