No Fire Escape On Several Government Housing Schemes

No Fire Escape – CVM LIVE on Tuesday visited a number of government housing schemes in the corporate area; Some residents at the Caribbean Palm Estate says the incident has led them to once again focus on the fact that in the case of a fire, escaping the building will not be an easy task.

There was a shared concern about what could happen without the presence of the fire escape. At the Portia Simpson Miller meadows, another one of the inner city development projects Michelle explains that while she is unaware of any fire within the complex.

They too are concerned about the construction breach.

This man who has been living in the complex for over fourteen years says, residents too didn’t pay much attention to the fact that no fire escape was designed on the building.

Cvm live has been speaking with public relations manager at the Jamaica Fire Brigade Emilio Ebanks.

He says his team is actively trying to access what drawing plan was approved for the buildings and will update our news team once the information is available.

In the meantime, one resident is urging those living in housing schemes like these to exercise great caution to prevent any form of fire.