In an historic move, United States President, Joe Biden has nominated Jamaican-born, Nick Perry to serve as the next US Ambassador to the island.

Another Jamaican living overseas has risen to prominence and is being given the chance to represent his homeland directly. United States President Joe Biden has nominated, New York Assemblyman, Nick Perry to serve as the first Jamaican-born Ambassador to the nation.

The 71-one-year-old Kingston College old boy has served for three decades as an Assemblyman in the New York State Legislature and is currently the assistant speaker of the New York State Assembly. He is also the Regional Vice-Chair of the National Black Caucus of State Legislators.

Former Ambassador of Jamaica to the United Nations, Curtis Ward says, even though the newly nominated Ambassador is of Jamaican heritage, there are certain protocols which must be observed.

Ambassador ward says Mr. Perry is more than qualified for his nominated position; Mr. Curtis Ward expressed joy at Perry’s nomination. The US Embassy has been without a top diplomat since Ambassador Donald Tapia demitted office earlier this year. John McIntyre is currently acting as the American ambassador to Jamaica.

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