After more than a year in lock up following their illegal entry into the island, the family and friends of two Nicaraguans languishing in Jamaica were finally reunited with their loved ones. 

CVM Live tracked their journey home which was marked with much disappointment and delays after they paid the fines ordered by the Jamaican courts. This evening we hear from the men who are finally back on their home soil. A glimpse of joy, unmatched, in the fishing village of Tasbapauni, Nicaragua, on Tuesday; the home of one of two Nicaraguans who were stuck at the Savanna-La-Mar Police Station since March 1, 2021. Like any other day, a traditional meal of roasted turtle back and rice and peas is being prepared.

All uncertainties ended for the Nicaraguans on Friday, March 25, 2022. The men were finally transported to the Norman Manley International Airport and repatriated; three flights later, they were reunited with their relatives on Saturday. When CVM Live informed the men’s sisters to meet them in the capital, Managua on Saturday, they were immensely relieved. 

They too have been heaping praises on our news team’s relentless pursuit of their brothers’ freedom. The Nicaraguans have expressed gratitude to detainees at the Savanna-La-Mar Police Station for helping to ease their plight; sharing food, clothing and other basic necessities with them. 

A detainee also paid their illegal entry fine of $5000 each.