Newground Residents Frustrated with Goat Thieves

The St. Ann police seized a vehicle that was being used to transport goats from the community of Newground, Lime Hall in the parish.  The vehicle was confiscated with two goats inside. Residents say they are at a point of total frustration, as ongoing praedial larceny continues to affect them badly.

On Sunday the St Ann police seized a motor vehicle that was allegedly being used in committing praedial larceny. Two goats were discovered in the white Toyota corolla car but no driver was in sight.

CVM LIVE found out that upon notification the owner of the animals turned up to the station to make his claim. The Farmer, Mr Yewon Walters expressed that he has been a target for goat thieves over the years noting that this is the latest theft since December of last year.  

Another resident of the community claims the perpetrator, unknown to them at the time asked the farmer for directions to leave the community. The sister of Mr Walters points out that when the eight goats were stolen in December of 2021, the license plate of the alleged getaway vehicle was reported to the police. She explains that the residents of Newground St Ann are frustrated with the ongoing crime. 

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Reporter: Justin Graham. 

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