Commuters will now be able to access the Transport Authority’s Travel Pal app to ensure a safer journey. The app which was launched Monday, December 20, 2021, will allow passengers to verify the status of Public Passenger Vehicles (PPV) and the operators of those vehicles while allowing them to create trip information and share with family or loved ones. 

The travel pal app was developed by Amber Solutions and supported by E-Gov Jamaica Limited.

Amid never-ending fears of abduction, which at times turns deadly, an app is expected to ensure safer transportation- the travel pal app. Developed at a cost of $2.3 million, the app will enable passengers to use their mobile device to scan the registration plates of Public Passenger Vehicles (PPV). This will enable users to verify if they are licensed by the transport authority.

Also included in the app is a critical component called the button which will allow passengers to send a signal to the Jamaica Constabulary Force’s 119 emergency centre as well as their loved ones in the event of an emergency.