New Mayor of Morant Bay, ‘Bats’ for Party Promoters

The new mayor of Morant Bay in St Thomas, even before settling into his new role, points to matters of concern high on his agenda.  Among them a major infrastructure development underway in the parish, as well as aspects of entertainment some may deem conflicting.

The newly appointed Mayor of Morant Bay, the PNP’s Thomas Hubert Williams, of the White Horses Division meets and greets, parishioners and guests, moments after he was robed by Colleague Councillor Marsha Frances, who herself was once the Mayor. For a brief moment the outgoing JLP Mayor Michael hue who resigned from the position, some 24 hours before shared a moment with Mayor Williams.

The changing of the proverbial guard became necessary following the death of a JLP councillor and Deputy Mayor, Lenworthe Rawle which broke the deadlock of 5 seats each in the St Thomas Municipal Corporation. Watch the full report: