Leighton Johnson, the incoming President-elect of the Jamaica Teacher’s Association, JTA, has underscored that the union continues to grapple with a myriad of issues that impact its members. These issues encompass disparities in compensation, teacher migration, and a scarcity of specialist teachers. Despite these challenges, he maintains a hopeful outlook, anticipating that these matters will be effectively addressed in the near future.

Leighton Johnson, who is set to become the new President of the JTA, acknowledges that as the upcoming school year approaches, there are unresolved matters between the union and the Ministries of Education and Finance. Speaking on the second day of the 59th Annual JTA Conference on Tuesday, he asserts that several discrepancies concerning compensation remain unaddressed. Johnson, also serving as the Principal of Muschett High School in Trelawny, emphasizes the JTA’s concerns regarding the shortage of specialist teachers for the upcoming school year. This shortage has been brought about by teacher migration and a lack of interest in this field among student teachers.

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