New Fire Stations to Be Built In Clarendon

The Clarendon Municipal Corporation says plans are underway to build at least three new fire stations across the parish over an extended period.

Mayor, Winston Maragh says too often the locations of the fire stations have proven to be woefully inadequate when there are fires in remote sections of the parish.

Maragh says this is a part of the local sustainable development plan for Clarendon.

Currently, there are two fire stations in the parish, one in the Frank Field in the north and the May Pen Fire Station in Central Clarendon.

Clarendon is the third-largest parish in the country which creates an obvious challenge for firefighters when they have to respond to fires in different sections of the parish in a short period of time.

The Mayor says there are plans to construct a station in Lionel Town, the location has already been secured.

Another in Kellits to ease the pressure in Northern Clarendon.