Minister Daryl Vaz Implements Efficiencies in JUTC Bus System for Better Commuter Experience – In the realm of transportation, Minister of Transport Daryl Vaz is spearheading transformative changes within the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) bus system. These alterations, deemed more efficient, aim to provide commuters with reliable and hassle-free access to transportation services. Minister Vaz earnestly calls on commuters to collaborate as the ministry endeavors to enhance the urban transportation service and overall experience. Following an extensive bus stop tour in Half-Way Tree, Minister Daryl Vaz revealed that JUTC buses, identified by the number seventy-two, serving the Half-Way Tree to Papine route, have been relocated. These buses will now load and conclude their routes within the Transport Centre. Minister Vaz explained that this decision was driven by concerns regarding the excessive space occupied by JUTC buses on Spencer James Avenue, which was causing traffic complications.

Regarding taxi operators, Minister Vaz expressed his intention to repurpose the vacated space to better accommodate their needs. He also announced plans to install signage to guide commuters who typically board JUTC buses on St. James Avenue to their new location within the Transport Centre. In a recent early morning visit to the center, Minister Vaz expressed his satisfaction with its operations. Watch the report:

Reporter: Celine Campbell

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