In a significant development for Jamaica’s second city, St. James, the renowned National Baking Company has unveiled plans for a state-of-the-art facility, representing a substantial $6.7 billion investment. The announcement was made during the 71st birthday celebration of Jamaican businessman Karl Hendrickson, former CEO of the National Baking Company. The proposed facility, spanning over 100,000 square feet in Catherine Hall, aims to revolutionize company operations, boasting the capability to produce over 3,000 loaves of bread per hour. This expansion is anticipated to bring new high-income job opportunities, contributing to at least 80 positions within the St. James labor market.

Gary ‘Butch’ Hendrickson, Chairman and CEO of National Baking Company, disclosed these plans during a Monday event commemorating the retirement of Karl Hendrickson, now 94. Prime Minister Andrew Holness, speaking at the gathering, expressed optimism about the positive impact of National Baking Company’s developments on the local economy.The CEO highlighted that the new plant would incorporate cutting-edge robotics technology, necessitating a skilled workforce to meet production demands. Butch Hendrickson emphasized the importance of investing in training opportunities, noting that limited training currently hampers access to high-paying jobs for Jamaicans.As the facility is set for completion by 2025, Prime Minister Holness urged other local businesses to consider similar investments in people, underscoring the potential for broader economic benefits. The National Baking Company’s venture in St. James is poised to contribute significantly to the region’s growth and job market.


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