A thorough multi-agency investigation is underway following the discovery of a burnt two-engine aircraft in a remote section of Braes River, St. Elizabeth. The identity of the occupants, if any, remains unknown. Natalia Clarke reports that the aircraft was found empty, close to a suspected makeshift runway. The burnt wreckage, discovered by residents around 7 PM on Friday evening, has raised numerous questions. Witnesses reported a strong smell of smoke and gasoline, leading to speculation about potential illicit activities involving the aircraft. Law enforcement, led by Acting Superintendent Coleridge Minto, emphasizes that little has been confirmed at this stage.

Minto highlights the collaborative effort involving police, the fire brigade, and the military to determine the aircraft’s origin and its purpose for landing in the remote, marshy area. Although the area’s historical significance remains unclear, the police were alerted to the incident after 7 PM, initiating an immediate search and rescue operation that concluded with the wreckage being located approximately three hours later. Further updates on this developing situation will be provided as the investigation progresses.


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