Muschett High Balances Capacity Challenges

Though educators are in support of the full resumption of face-to-face classes, there are unique challenges that still exist. The Muschett High School in Trelawny is currently confronted with the issue of space. Like many other schools, for the past two years, Muschett High has been operating under the rotation model of learning, engaging students virtually and physically and at times utilizing the shift approach. 

But Principal Leighton Johnson says since the full resumption of face-to-face schooling, the physical infrastructure at the institution is found wanting, as labs are now being used as permanent classrooms. In some instances Principal Johnson says classes are housed in holding areas and teachers have to be walking around during sessions trying to identify an unoccupied classroom. There are plans however to construct at least three additional classrooms. Principal Johnson adds that the virtual classroom has enhanced the physical space.