Stakeholders are on edge after a wedding in a popular resort town was turned into a crime scene on Friday, when an assailant on a motorcycle fired shots into the bridal party, killing a 31-year-old woman.  Murder marred a matrimonial ceremony in Negril after a lone gunman armed with a handgun reigned down terror on a wedding ceremony in the resort town, leaving one member of the bridal party dead and two others with nursing injuries. The deceased has been identified as Rushema Senior, a 31 years old data entry clerk of Riverside district, Kingsvale in the parish of Hanover. The incident has traumatized a community and shaken the Chamber of Commerce to its core.

The callous crime occurred on the famed Norman Manley Boulevard and the assailant was able to escape the scene on a pink motorcycle. Allen Bradley notes that the Jamaica Constabulary Force’s (JCF)  presence in the area was recently bolstered. While contemplating the trauma the families involved must have suffered, the Chamber President is weighing the options of how to prevent a potential recurrence. Watch the report:

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