Gunmen unleashed a fatal attack in Montego Bay just before noon, leaving one man dead and his mother injured. Wesley Lee Reid, a 29-year-old mason known as “Binds,” was returning from a court appearance related to a murder accusation elsewhere in the parish when the assailants struck. The incident occurred around 11:48 on Tuesday morning near JN Bank and Sam Sharpe Square, shattering the peace with gunfire.

 Reid and his mother, making their way back home, were suddenly confronted by armed individuals on Market Street. Without warning, the assailants opened fire, hitting Reid in the upper body and his mother in her left hand. Attempting to flee, the pair hurried from Market Street, but tragically, Reid collapsed in front of the Bay-West Shopping Centre on Harbor Street. Emergency services rushed both victims to Cornwall Regional Hospital. Sadly, Reid was declared dead upon arrival, while his mother received treatment for her injuries.

Anthony Pearson, a resident and business operator, highlighted the concerning lack of law enforcement activity in the area, noting how it has fostered an environment conducive to criminal activities. This tragic incident underscores the urgent need for increased security measures and vigilance in the Community To Prevent Such Violence From Occurring Again.

Reporter: Rahiem Whyte