Multi-Million Dollar Rehabilitation To Start In St. Ann’s Bay

The mayor of St. Ann’s bay is announcing that an estimate of 49 million Jamaican dollars will be spent to rehabilitate infrastructure within the municipality.

Mayor of St.Ann’s bay Michael Belnavis says rehabilitation works in and around St. Ann’s bay will begin next week.

The rehabilitation programme for the township the mayor explains will cost a total of thirty million dollars,

30 M for road improvement and the remaining ten renovations of the market.

According to Belnavis the work will last for a week after which there will be strict operational changes.

Belnavis says an upcoming gastronomy tour, the first of its kind in Jamaica is expected to be in Ocho Rios in the coming weeks.

He says roads leading up to the event will also be rehabilitated at an additional total cost of 15 million dollars. This he says is necessary to facilitate tourists attending the event.

Belnavis says an additional three to four million will be allocated to digitize the town clock. He says citizens can expect to experience some inconvenience while the rehabilitation works get underway.