MP Miller: Let Us Be an Informer for A Better Jamaica

Member of Parliament for South Eastern St Catherine, Robert Miller, says the Waterford and Bridgeport substations are in dire need of attention. He says it is imperative the hard-working officers, be provided a suitable environment, to properly execute their duties.

Miller’s lobbying for more resources in form of boots on the ground, to tackle the issue of violent crime in the parish.  He is encouraging communities to revamp their neighborhood watch and install CCTV cameras on their homes, connecting them with Jamaica Eye.

Miller also raised concerns in regard to the yearly increase in toll fares. Meanwhile, the member of parliament underscores the issue of cashless banks in Portmore, noting two major commercial banks have gone cashless.

Member of Parliament for Western St Mary, Robert Montague, in his debate Wednesday, also called on the Minister of Finance and The Bank of Jamaica, to hold banking institutes accountable for poor customer service. Watch the report below:

Reporter: Justin Graham.

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