MP holds meeting: One St. Andrew community was left without power for several days leaving residents angry and anxious.

However, a meeting was held on Thursday with the Member of Parliament and the Area Councilor to discuss the longstanding issue in the community.

CVM LIVE revisited the Riverton Meadows community on Friday where residents were without electricity for several days. Our news team caught up with one resident who says the community received electricity around noon on Thursday.

In an interview with CVM LIVE on Tuesday Public Relations Specialist at Jamaica Public Service Audrey Williams said that the community has a 90 percent rate of electricity theft.

Meanwhile this resident says she and others are legitimate and are willing to pay.

A meeting was held on Thursday with Area Councilor Hazel Anderson and Member of Parliament Anthony Hylton. Hylton says the House has passed Legislation regarding land ownership for individuals occupying a property for a period of twelve years and if all requirements are met, one will become the land owner and start the process of streamlining.

He further added that he is working alongside the Area Councilor in rectifying the longstanding issue between the JPS and community members.

Javine McLean reports: