Mounting Concerns Following Senior Citizen’s Death 

As the family of 81-year-old Julio Caraballo, mourns his death, there are concerns about the cause of this tragic loss.

Despite suffering from an injury mere weeks before his passing, the family believes his death might not be related to his accident. Mystery surrounds the death of 81-year-old retired us army veteran Julio Caraballo, who was found dead in his botany bay home in St. Thomas, Tuesday. Caraballo, more commonly known as Tony or white man, leaves behind a grief-stricken family, and his wife who lives in another house in the same community.

Despite the police stating there is no evidence of foul play in the elder’s death, there are mounting speculations. The now widow’s aunt recounts an incident Julio encountered a week prior, where he fell in a manhole in Morant Bay and was taken to the hospital. More details in the report below:

 Reporter: Nasika Alliman.