Motorists Urged To “Level The Curve And Settle The Nerve”

Motorists urged to be cautious: President of the Transport Operators Development Sustainable Services (TODDS) Egeton Newman is urging motorists to exercise caution on the island’s roadways during the holiday season.

The call comes as part of the group’s Road Safety Awareness Campaign which seeks to further sensitize Public Transport Operators statistics from the road safety unit reveals that as of November 26, 383 persons have been killed from a total of 341 crashes.

This represents a two per cent decrease in fatalities when compared to the similar period in 2019.

But as the silly season approaches in the middle of a pandemic, motorists are being urged to maintain best practices on the road.  

The forty- day awareness campaign will engage operators daily, sensitizing them on road safety and will see the distribution of masks and hand sanitizers.

And despite Public Transport Operators not earning as they usually would, Newman endorses the proposed COVID-19 protocols for the Christmas period.

Motorists are also being encouraged to reduce their speed on the roads.