Motorists Flock Traffic Court on Final Day of Reprieve 

The final day of the reprieve welcomed thousands of motorists from as early as 1 Tuesday morning as Jamaicans desperately wait in long lines to settle their outstanding tickets at the Melbourne Traffic Court – some waited to see the judge while others waited to get details on their court date.

On the eve of the full implementation of the New Road Traffic Act, a meandering line extended on Melbourne Road. While hundreds of people desperately waited in the sweltering sun, others were given an opportunity to sell snacks and other refreshments. On the inside, there is a new setup from the previous to accommodate motorists who present themselves at the Traffic Court.

Tents were erected to sensitize the public about the rules and procedures of the judiciary. Stakeholders include the Court Administration Division, Transport Authority, and Ministry of National Security among others. Director of Client Services, Communication & information in the Court Administration Division Kadeish Jarrett Fletcher says the administration has taken additional steps to provide Motorists with greater convenience than previous days. Watch the full report:

Reporter: Nicola Brown

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