Motive for Clarendon Quadruple Murder Revealed

The nation was shocked after hearing news about the quadruple murder which claimed the lives of two sisters minutes apart in the early hours of Sunday, September 12. Police Commissioner Major General Anthony Anderson revealed the motive for the murders.

While theories continued to circulate as to the motive for the quadruple murder on Sunday in Clarendon, the police have provided an update outlying the root behind this crime. The Commissioner of Police Antony Anderson says these killings were a reprisal.

Anderson says through intelligence they were made aware of the order and so went to the family yard of the now-deceased to arrest the perpetrator in an effort to prevent the reprisal order. However, the police’s attempt to locate and arrest the person of interest proved futile.

This murder has left one child an orphan and another with one parentless. The Commissioner says this highlights the extent families go to protect members who are on the wrong side of the law in addition to Jamaica’s serious gun problem.

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