Mother Seeks Closure Following Son’s Murder 

A mother is desperately seeking answers after her son’s body was found near Sandy Gully, St. Andrew last month. 22-year-old labourer Kymali Vernon left his Waterhouse home on the night of Friday, July 8, never to return. 

He was reportedly in the company of four friends. According to the police, citizens stumbled upon his body in bushes in the vicinity of the Sandy Gully and the church of the Open Bible on Washington Boulevard St. Andrew, Saturday morning. Nicola Madden, who lives in the United States has only been hearing conflicting reports about her son’s murder. She says an autopsy on Thursday, August 4, revealed that Vernon received a gunshot to the back of his head. According to her, his friends have not been straightforward about what happened.

While she is grateful this is not another instance of a loved one missing without a trace, and while she is able to bury her son – the pain is no less, as questions linger. 

The Head of the St. Andrew South Police Division, Senior Superintendent Kirk Ricketts, listed three persons of interest, including a relative of the deceased  – detectives are still on the case. Watch the report here:

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