Mother of Stab Victim Seeks Help with Funeral Expenses

The St James teen who allegedly stabbed and killed her brother during a fight at their home Sunday has been charged with his death. Meantime, their mother, Letetia Harkinces is seeking help to lay her son to rest, even as fresh information about the incident emerges from a place of innocence.

The teen girl who allegedly stabbed her brother during a fight at their St James home, Sunday has been charged with his death. That update from the Deputy Superintendent of Police in charge of crime in the parish, DSP Cordia Ashley.

Losing a child can be difficult emotionally, but losing two children one potentially to the justice system for allegedly taking the other’s life, in trying times, can be even more of a burden. Yet as Letetia mourns the loss in confusion her youngest offers a fresh take on the claim that her sibling stabbed the other that day. The death was swift as in a moment a life bled away, leaving the single mother who confessed to raising the two elder siblings with little support, to foot the expenses of a funeral. She’s appealing to anyone who may be able to render support in these trying times to donate and offer any help through her Credit Union Account. Watch the report:

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