Morris Moves Motion for Elderly Care and Protection Act

Senator Floyd Morris is championing the cause for the protection of year another vulnerable group; the elderly. Morris is calling for the creation of an elderly care and protection act to ensure they are treated with care, respect and gratitude; in senate on Friday, May 13, 2022. Senator Morris moved a motion to establish specific legislation in the form of an elderly care and protection act, to protect the rights and dignity of senior citizens.

A special select committee of the senate would need to be established to deliberate on the scope and magnitude of the legislation to be formulated.

Though Jamaica has a national policy for senior citizens Morris says it is not enough. Morris explains the areas of society that will have to be addressed to ensure the agency of this vulnerable group. In the same breath, Senator Morris is appealing to the minister of local government to increase the pension provided under the national insurance scheme.

Reporter: Jhanielle Powell